About Us

The Lightbulb Man specialises in lightbulbs and anything to do with light bulbs. The Lightbulb Man currently has well over 4,000 different light bulbs in stock and a range of light fittings. The Lightbulb Man offers technician services that include lamp replacement, lighting installations and general electrical services.

Where did it all begin? To answer that question one must take a look at the history of The Lightbulb Man in order to gain some insight of the journey which has lead to The Lightbulb Man to be the company we know today.

The story starts off with a man named Alan McWilliam (aka The Lightbulb Man). It was from humble beginnings; working from home, and at a small stall at the Station Village market (now Jenkins Gym) in Lower Hutt that the Lightbulb Man was born. Business went well and this arrangement was soon outgrown so a move to the larger Petone Market (today NOOD) was necessary. With more room for expansion business steadily grew until another move was required. An iconic small shop in Chews Lane, central Wellington began a new era.

Chews Lane provided a central shop which customs from Wellington could easily access. A unique style that only The Lightbulb Man could conceptualise proved to create an over­whelming reputation amongst many Wellingtonians. Several newspaper articles surveyed the shop's uniqueness and passionate ethos driven strategy.

With each move the company has grown: increasing in variety and number of light bulbs, and increasing the number of staff required.

The Lightbulb Man needed to move again to more roomy location at 80a Boulcott Street. Finding room for existing new range of light fittings and electrical accessories as well as, as our name suggests and what we have always been known for, a HUGE range of light bulbs!

In 2010 it became apparent that we needed a presence in Auckland as a large number of companies did their purchasing nation­wide from Auckland. This has enabled us to have a greater working relation with nationwide companies.

Our Values

We Work Together.

Bringing out the best in each other and creating strong and successful working relationships. Focussed on a win­win approach to business and relationships.

We Respect People.

Respecting people for who they are, where they have been, and what they are about.

We are Open and Honest in our Communication.

Sharing information and insight frequently and constructively managing tough situations with professionalism. Honesty is always the best policy.