Lamps, luminaries and luminous flux light us up with excitement

At The Lightbulb Man we are serious about light bulbs and lighting. Not only have we been around for over 15 years, our consultants and gurus have spent their entire lives honing and refining their trade.

The Lightbulb Man has a lot of perspective when it comes to lighting. Not only do we have access to a huge range of luminary suppliers and manufactures but we also know light bulbs inside out.


Do you want efficient, cost effective, and practical solutions?

Our consultants can audit the efficiency and effectiveness of your current lighting solutions. Most of the time we can save you money while delivering a more effective solution.

Our consulting services consist of anything from how to brighten up a room, to compete luminary/lighting design.

Invite one of our consultants around today. They will bring a light meter, years of experience and smile to brighten up your day.


Request a Technician

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