Find Energy Efficient Bulbs

Save Energy, Save Money

Going green does not have to mean compromise. At The Lightbulb Man we are experts in energy efficient lighting solutions and can almost guarantee that you will be surprised and the options available in energy efficient lighting today and how much money you can save.

Below is a quick overview of some of the most exciting energy efficient technology:


Up to 5 times more efficient and lasting up to 15 times the life than traditional incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps have been around for a while but recently have become more mainstream. As a result there are a bunch of new options available. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) directly replace existing incandescent lamps. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes, from the more traditional: GLS, Dolly and Candle shapes to the Signature Spiral. CFLs come in a multitude of colour options and wattages, so make sure you choose the appropriate colour for your particular situation. Need help deciding on what is right for you? Talk to us now, or arrange for a consultant to visit.


Halogen lamps have just recently been upgraded with new technology causing them to be even more efficient that previously. Lasting up to 4 times as long as traditional incandescent lamps and saving up to 30% in energy.

While not as efficient as their Fluorescent or LED alternatives Halogen lamps have their place for specific situations. Halogen lamps are like traditional incandescent lamps in that they provide their full light immediately. They are also happy to be dimmed (in low voltage deployments the type of transformer will determine the type of dimmer required). They offer a crisper light when compared to traditional incandescent light but are still considered warm. Halogen lamps are appropriate in high switching environments where lamps are used for short periods.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

As the newest kid on the block (when it comes to replacing traditional lighting solutions) LEDs offer extreme energy saving (up to 10 times more efficient than traditional incandescents) and have huge life expectancies (up to 50,000 hours). LED lamps are available as replacements for traditional incandescent lamps, halogen down lights, strips and tubes. Like their Fluorescent counterparts LEDs come in a range of colour options including white variants, traditional colours, and RGB (red, green, blue) colour changing options.

To find out more about energy efficient solutions or arrange for a lighting consultant to visit (only available in Auckland and Wellington Regions).