Lights gone out? Light it up with The Lightbulb Man!

Currently The Lightbulb Man services the greater Auckland and Wellington Regions.

The Lightbulb Man prides itself on exceptional service, comprehensive solutions, and competitive pricing. We are experts in light bulbs and lamp replacements, as our name suggests, and our technicians carry a huge range of bulbs on-board their vehicles to minimise the trips needed back and forth from the depot.

What makes us different?

No labour charges for installation of light bulbs. While there is a minimum charge of $99.00 (not to be confused with a call out fee as the $99.00 includes product) most jobs that require a few light bulbs to be changed will exceed the $99.00 minimum charge so you will be charged for the bulbs only.

For a list of prices navigate to our shop section, the prices you find there are the prices charged for installation (bulk discounts are not applicable for installations). Please note that our technicians choose quality products to maximise your ‘bang for buck’. If you have specific lamp requirements please let us know and we can advise you accordingly.

If you have a particularly large job or a job requiring electrical work done please contact us for an obligation free quote before commencement of the job.

Terms and conditions apply.


Request a Technician

Request a technician online or give us a call on 0800-895-186.