Regular maintenance checks to suit your needs

One of the services The Lightbulb Man offers is for our technicians to periodically replace light bulbs at your premises as required. Our office looks after the scheduling, so you can just set it up with us and forget about it.

Some of our clients like for our technicians to keep stock of replacement lamps at their premises so if there is in urgent lamp that needs replacing between checks our client can replace it themselves immediately (if it turns out to be tougher than expected we are only a phone call away)

If these type of services sound like an option you would be interested in please contact us now or call 0800 895 186.

Fixed cost maintenance contracts

One of our consultants can come by and draw up a fixed cost maintenance contract for your premises. This gives you piece of mind and no unexpected bills. There are various options available from lamps only maintenance contracts to complete electrical maintenance contracts. Please contact us or call 0800 895 186 for further information.

Request a Technician

Request a technician online or give us a call on 0800-895-186.